Kalib J. in his own words

In Their Own Words: Kailib J.

I was incarcerated around 2016 and Chelsea (GOSO Senior Career Manager and Director of Reentry Services) used to come from GOSO to visit me. She told me all about the program and encouraged me to join. We stayed in touch throughout my incarceration— she would send me books and holiday cards.

In Their Own Words: Marvin B.

I grew up in Harlem; it’s where I went to school, played basketball, all of that. At a young age, I got caught up in things that led me to Rikers Island when I was 16 years old. When I came out after 1 year there, I was working towards doing something good with my life, and then I got caught up in a different situation that wasn’t my fault. Everyone that I knew was arrested. That’s when I went to prison upstate, where I spent 25 months.