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Meaningful employment is critical to the success of our participants./

GOSOWorks is a wage-subsidy program that connects GOSO participants to employment opportunities with local businesses around New York City. Utilizing funding from the City of New York, we screen, interview, and place participants who have completed the Two-Week Job Readiness Curriculum in internship-to-employment (I2E) opportunities. A GOSOWorks internship is often the first employment experience for many participants, and it helps them use and develop the personal and professional skills needed to succeed in life.


Our staffing solutions are available at no cost to employers for the first 240 hours of work, after which employers can hire our participants. We prepare participants well for the workplace, provide them with continued support after they are employed, and encourage them to continue to pursue education and training. With this support, they become outstanding employees, ready to grow with the challenges of the job. Current employer partners include restaurants and bakeries like P.S. Kitchen, Dos Toros, and Nick & Sons Bakery; non-profits like CAMBA, Concrete Safaris, and The Horticultural Society of New York; and businesses like Citistructures and Vamoose.

  • Reduce the costs and risks of hiring: GOSOWorks staff assess the job-readiness of every GOSOWorks Participant in our program before he begins to look for employment. Our job readiness training and life skills workshops provide him with the skills to manage the responsibilities of employment and an understanding of the expectations of employers. A GOSOWorks Participant is not sent on a job interview unless we know he is ready and able to perform up to expectations.
  • Tax credits: Most people we place qualify for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program, allowing the employer to apply for a federal tax credit up to $2,400.
  • Candidate network: Employers have access to GOSOWorks’s network of candidates for future needs.

GOSOWorks is committed to placing reliable employees into sound work environments. Our referrals will become a valuable asset to your company. Success is based on the following strategy:


  • We will work with you to asses your personnel needs.
  • We will find the best match for the job and assist in scheduling interviews.
  • You make the selection.
  • We will conduct scheduled follow-up meetings with GOSOWorks Participants once they have been hired and will monitor their performance.

Our GOSOWorks Participants have voluntarily committed to restructuring their lives through their participation in the GOSOWorks program. They are skilled and qualified candidates who have passed GOSOWorks’s job readiness requirements and are prepared for the workforce. Many GOSOWorks Participants are in the process of further advancing their education.

If you’re interested in discussing how GOSO can help meet your staffing needs, please feel free to reach out to our GOSOWorks team:

Nick Zolnierowski (nzolnierowski@gosonyc.org) and Anna Kalm (akalm@gosonyc.org).

Phone: 212-831-5020

GOSOWorks Employment Partners/

Our sincerest thanks to the businesses below, and our entire network of over 70 partners, for their incredible support of our participants and significant contributions to reducing recidivism in New York City.