Learn how the young men we serve achieve success with support from Getting Out and Staying Out.

Since GOSO was founded, we’ve watched many of the young men in our program overcome obstacles to earn their high school diplomas, complete college, and begin rewarding careers in a wide variety of vocations. Many of them did so while supporting themselves and their families. Their stories are an inspiration to everyone who knows them. They are building a better future for themselves and their families, and are helping to strengthen their communities.

Timothy R. Finds Stability and Success through Employment

GOSO Guy, Tim R. (right) with his manager, Clark, at Littleneck Outpost.

In 2019, GOSO participant, Timothy R. celebrated his one-year work anniversary at our GOSOWorks employer partner, Littleneck Outpost in Greenpoint, Brooklyn!

“GOSO giving me this opportunity has allowed me to experience true success. I’m still in the process of figuring out exactly what I want to do in the long term, but maintaining a solid job will help me no matter what.”

A few years ago, Tim moved back to New York and had trouble finding a job. Once he became involved in the justice system, that made it even more difficult. That’s when he discovered GOSO through a friend. Upon completing our career-readiness training, he applied to our GOSOWorks employment program and was matched with an internship almost immediately. Now, he’s been with that same business for over a year!

“I get to take on a lot of responsibility at work because my coworkers and bosses realize how hard I work. I help out with anything around the restaurant that needs attention. What I really love about my job is the people I work with.”

GOSO has become a safe space for Tim; a community that he can rely on.

“I’m grateful for GOSO because I always feel welcome to spend time here. That’s a really big deal, even though a lot of people might not realize it. It sounds cliché but you don’t know what anyone else here is going through or what their life is like. A lot of us are literally running from bullets or other dangerous situations. GOSO is our safe space where we can go and feel comfortable. On top of that, you can have so many great conversations with other people here; you’ll get a better understanding of how the world works. Everyone can use a different perspective sometimes.”

“I’ve benefitted from GOSO in so many ways, and with the success I’ve found along with my confidence, I feel like the sky’s the limit!”