Learn how the young men we serve achieve success with support from Getting Out and Staying Out.

In the six years since GOSO was founded we’ve watched many of the young men in our program overcome sometimes overwhelming obstacles to earn their GEDs and high school diplomas, complete college and begin rewarding careers in a wide variety of vocations. Most of them did so while supporting themselves and their families. Their stories are an inspiration to everyone who knows them. They are building a better future for themselves and their families, and are helping to rebuild their communities.


Hector enrolled in GOSO while on Rikers Island and maintained contact with us throughout his entire 5-year prison sentence. During his incarceration, Hector regularly corresponded with Dalia Fakhouri through our upstate correspondence program, receiving study materials, educational and career counseling, and vital support and reentry planning, and built a relationship with GOSO that has continued into the community. While incarcerated, Hector earned his High School Equivalency diploma, obtained a Masonry certification, and even facilitated the prison’s Alternative to Violence curriculum. Since his release, Hector completed a successful internship at a Brooklyn-based bakery, Ovenly, one of GOSOWorks’ employer partners, and was hired as their head of porters. Hector also earned a position at Drive Change, the social justice food truck, where he excelled. He is currently working on developing his own non-profit focused on criminal justice reform and ending mass incarceration.


William enrolled in GOSO while completing his sentence on Rikers Island. Upon entering the community program in East Harlem, William quickly completed the job readiness curriculum, in which he identified https://onhealthy.net/product-category/asthma/ maintenance and construction as two areas of career interest. Having already earned his High School Equivalency Diploma, William entered an internship at a locally owned farmers market, where he performed maintenance, stock, sales,and community outreach duties. During his internship, William participated in GOSO’s Pre-Licensing Driver Training Program and attained his New York State Driver’s License. Additionally, he earned his OSHA 10-Hour Certification at one of our on-site trainings. Upon completion of his internship, William was hired by a local construction union involved in building projects in and around Columbia University, earning excellent pay. Years later, he’s still going strong.


Tyler first enrolled in GOSO in 2014 while completing his sentence on Rikers Island. On Rikers, Tyler received career counseling from Mr. Goldsmith and met with Shannon Hilliker, our former Director of Reentry Services, regularly to discuss his educational and vocational goals and to continue building a sense of hope about his future. Upon his release, Tyler entered our East Harlem program, where he has shown a tremendous amount of growth, dedication, and drive. In 2014, Tyler excelled at his 12-week paid internship with The Horticulture Society of New York. Based on that success, he was referred to employment at a local tacqueria, Dos Toros, one of GOSOWorks’ employment partners, where he currently working towards becoming a store manager. In addition, Tyler has discovered a passion for spoken word, performing regularly at The Nuyorican Poets Café, and wants to give back to the community by doing outreach with young men and women who are at risk for violence and incarceration.