Audio: Young Men in Harlem Grab a Second Chance After Arrests

It’s the season of caps and gowns in New York, and while there’s a unique and valuable story under each mortarboard in the class of 2016, perhaps none are as interwoven with issues like race, policing, education and family as those of the young men who were honored Monday for achieving their high-school equivalency at the East Harlem organization Getting Out and Staying Out.

Getting Out and Staying Out Featured on Pix 11!

For the past few weeks, PIX11 has been focused on reform inside Riker’s Island, looking at the violence and corruption plaguing the jail. Caught in the middle are inmates, many of whom want to turn their lives around once they get out. Yet, in so many cases, they simply do not know how and many end up back on a path of crime, back inside Rikers.