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Food is Fuel for Success at GOSO

As a community-based organization, GOSO strives to create a community-minded atmosphere that will help our guys thrive emotionally, which allows them to thrive in the areas of education and employment (the Three E’s!). Workshops, programs, conversations, laughter, games and art — all of these are considered central to that mission. 

In Their Own Words: Marvin B.

I grew up in Harlem; it’s where I went to school, played basketball, all of that. At a young age, I got caught up in things that led me to Rikers Island when I was 16 years old. When I came out after 1 year there, I was working towards doing something good with my life, and then I got caught up in a different situation that wasn’t my fault. Everyone that I knew was arrested. That’s when I went to prison upstate, where I spent 25 months.

GOSO “Grows” with Google

On April 8th, 2019, Getting Out and Staying Out participants attended Google’s first day of educational workshops at the new Grow with Google NYC Learning Center in the heart of Chelsea. Our Action Board member, Tasia, connected GOSO to this resource.