GOSO in New York Daily News

New York Daily News: “How to close Rikers: Criminal justice reform really depends on thousands of individual interactions with New Yorkers”

If criminal justice reform is to succeed in New York, it’s going to require more people with the passionate commitment of Omar Jackson. At first glance, criminal justice reform appears to be a winner. The jail population in the city has been declining steadily, from around 11,700 in 2013 to just under 7,200 as of September 2019.

Kalib J. in his own words

In Their Own Words: Kailib J.

I was incarcerated around 2016 and Chelsea (GOSO Senior Career Manager and Director of Reentry Services) used to come from GOSO to visit me. She told me all about the program and encouraged me to join. We stayed in touch throughout my incarceration— she would send me books and holiday cards.