VIDEO: Social Work Month (part 2)

All throughout March we are celebrating Social Work Month 2018 by turning to those who live it every day, GOSO’s talented and dedicated social workers. In Part 2 of our month-long #SWMonth video series, we ask: “What are the challenges and rewards involved in social work?”

Debbie Li blogpost featured image

Meet GOSO’s Newest Hire: Debbie Li

MEET GOSO STAFF: Debbie Li is one of the newest hires at Getting Out and Staying Out, Inc., on board as the Director of Finance & Operations. In this interview, she talks about her fruitful experience in the nonprofit sector, her passion for compassion, and changing the toilet paper, too.

GOSO Valentine's Day

GOSO Spreads Love for Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air, and GOSO wanted to make sure our clients in upstate correctional facilities received warm messages from home this Valentine’s Day. Numerous volunteers, staff, interns, founder Mark L. Goldsmith and our guys came together to craft messages from the heart, to be sent to 250 clients in upstate correctional facilities.