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Growth of our Education Center

In 2018 we opened a site down the street from our main office completely devoted to Education (one of the Three E’s!). The GOSO Education Center is a place where participants come to learn, to explore, and to challenge themselves to grow academically. GOSO is especially committed to supporting young men in their pursuit of higher education. To ensure our participants have the resources they need to succeed, we’ve significantly expanded our educational programming and facilities.

Simeon R. is College-Bound in 2019

For many, a new year is an opportunity to reset, refresh and set new personal goals. GOSO participant Simeon R. is doing just that, with a focus on education. His goal in 2019 will be to conquer his first semester at LaGuardia Community College, in Queens. Simeon plans to study business in the hopes of becoming an entrepreneur after graduating.

Team GOSO is Growing

Join us in welcoming Tim Bustle and Jannee Davis to the GOSO team! As Career Managers Tim will focus on our adolescent programming, which allows participants who are still in high school to attend GOSO after school; and Jannee will lead our vocational programs (i.e. OSHA, security training), which provide skills-trainings to connect our participants to better-paying jobs.

Give with Purpose

Modest contributions to GOSO have a measurable impact. Whether it’s $10 to help us send educational materials and inspiring books to our clients in upstate facilities, or $30 to provide one-week of transportation to interviews and internships. Small gifts make big change.