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Give with Purpose

Modest contributions to GOSO have a measurable impact. Whether it’s $10 to help us send educational materials and inspiring books to our clients in upstate facilities, or $30 to provide one-week of transportation to interviews and internships. Small gifts make big change.

POTW: Gaining control and giving back

Growing up in the Bronx, GOSO client Keybo C. was faced with more than his share of negative influences and experiences. This personal history has inspired Keybo to position himself as a positive force of change for others in his community. He’s brought this optimism and spirit with him to GOSO, where he’s made an incredible impact as a leader among his peers.

GOSO Guys in their own words: Jonathan C.

Client Spotlight: Jonathan C.

Jonathan C. remembers the first time he knew he was destined for a career in the limelight. “I was at home watching Kevin Hart — one of his stand-up specials. I remember noticing the audience reactions, and how he brought so much laughter to the room. I thought — ‘I can do that!'”

GOSOTalks: Where Technology and Workforce Development Collide

At GOSO, we focus our efforts on teaching the hard and soft skills that our clients need in order to find success in the workforce, and computer skills workshops are part of the basic foundation of our two-week Job-Readiness Curriculum. Using Microsoft Office, e-mailing, and even typing are skills that have become second-nature. However, for many GOSO clients it’s the first time they’re being exposed to these different programs. It’s important to us that our clients become comfortable and ultimately master these skills so that they are opened up to more job opportunities.

GOSO and Goldman Sachs at Escape the Room

GOSO and Goldman Sachs Escape the Room!

Last week, GOSO clients and staff were joined by volunteers from Goldman Sachs’ Community TeamWorks for an incredible team building outing at Hoodwinked Escape’s “Escape the Room” experience in Harlem. Our guys were able to get their adrenaline up while honing critical thinking skills, improving team building and assessing their ability in adopting leadership roles.