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Dear Friends,

At GOSO, we’re family. No matter what.

COVID-19 has upended our lives and required us all to learn new ways of communicating, working, and supporting one another. Staff and participants, unable to meet in person, have recreated our warm and welcoming environment in a virtual space. Through Zoom, Google Hangout, phone or text, we’re still family.

In these challenging times, when support is most urgent, GOSO’s Board of Directors is stepping up because we’re their family: starting today, our Board is matching donations, up to $75,000.

You are part of our GOSO family. Please donate to GOSO today — your contribution will have double the impact.

The ongoing pandemic hasn’t slowed our work or deterred GOSO participants from staying the course on their personal journeys towards success and wellness.

School is still in (virtual) session for GOSO participant Alex M. Nearly every single day since our Education Center transitioned to all-online, Alex has logged into Google Classroom to continue work on our High School Equivalency program. Assignments are submitted electronically and he receives important personalized attention and face-time with teachers via weekly video calls on Zoom, in addition to Google Classrooms chat. The minute in-person TASC testing resumes, Alex is sure to be at the top of the sign-up list.

Pictured: Alex M., bottom left, in Google Classrooms session with
GOSO staff member Lauren (top right) and two educators, Priya (top left) and Alyssa (bottom right).

Matthew H. hasn’t let the virtual model affect his GOSOWorks internship attendance — still 100% perfect record! In fact, to his work in the user experience lab with the SafeLabs program at Columbia University, Matthew has added part-time employment with Great Performances Catering, packing meals into boxes for New Yorkers in need. Working the evening shift, Matthew is able to augment his income while being a part of the vital response Great Performances is providing to food insecurity during COVID-19. Our GOSOWorks team has remained his support system while navigating a virtual internship and simultaneously connected him to this new work opportunity.

Equan J. was nurturing his green thumb and gaining valuable job experience in an Internship-to-Employment position with Urban Garden Center, an East Harlem based landscaping company. Though COVID-19 forced the Center to temporarily pause operations, Equan is secure and relieved that he will continue to be paid for lost hours through GOSOWorks. His plan: save for an iPad to ensure he can remain connected in these challenging times.

Please give to GOSO today to ensure that our support of participants like Alex, Matthew and Equan will continue to be uninterrupted. Donate now and your contribution will make twice the impact, thanks to a generous matching challenge from our Board of Directors.

For more on how GOSO’s work has adapted to a virtual landscape, please read my most recent message on how our team continues to participants and our community during COVID-19.


Dr. Jocelynne Rainey
President and CEO

P.S. Your donation has double the impact when you give now, thanks to our $75,000 matching challenge.