The first day I ever heard of GOSO, I wanted to be a part of it because of the good things that they do, such as writing court reports that reflect the true personalities and potential of Guys in the system. I got involved and immediately gained hope.

Before GOSO, I had no hope whatsoever. I saw no realistic path to getting out and going home anytime soon. So, sadly, I got myself into a lot of trouble. But once GOSO staff (for me, Chelsea and Julia) stepped into the picture, it was like I had people outside of jail to talk to that kept me motivated.


Now I’m out, I’m home, and I’m proving to my mother that I’ve changed a lot about myself. For instance, not only am I enrolled in school but I’m going to finish school. I’ve just been a very busy person since committing to GOSO. The relationship that I’ve built with Chelsea is very important to me because she is somebody that I could talk to about anything that I’m having problems with and she is always there for help. But not only her — I just feel like GOSO is my second home, and also my second family. GOSO really helped me turn my life around, and GOSO gives me the skills to stick with doing the right things to keep my life on the right track. Getting out was an important goal, and I’ve met it. I’m staying out and finishing high school. Then, I definitely plan to attend college.