Meet- Bryce, Jonathan, Hakim

Video: Meet Bryce, Jonathan and Hakim

Dear GOSO community,

GOSO has made great headway and, since our inception nearly 20 years ago, we have helped over 15,000 at-risk or legal system-involved individuals. Our participants face obstacles in most aspects of their lives, including the deep stigma that makes it difficult for them to plan for the future and achieve stability. With support from friends like you, our work on education, employment, emotional wellness, and violence prevention provides the tools for participants to persevere.

Our work is evidence-based and we prioritize collecting data and sharing outcomes with supporters like you to demonstrate the impact GOSO has made in the community. Sharing our impact data is vital, but more importantly, it helps us remember that there are people and families behind these results.

Watch below, or click here, for the stories of Bryce, Jonathan, and Hakim. Please take a few minutes to watch how your generosity today, large or small, can directly impact the lives of the participants we assist. Despite their unique personal stories, the three individuals highlighted in this video have one thing in common: a second family and safe space at GOSO.

With a stable environment, a support system, and access to essential courses and resources, Bryce, Jonathan, and Hakim were able to shift their lives in the right direction, ultimately leading to brighter futures. Please help us recognize their achievements by making a donation today using the enclosed response form and envelope or by visiting

Thank you for your support, and for considering a gift at this time. We are happy to have you by our side as we plan for the future, expand our reach, and continue to make a change.

Best wishes,

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Vikki Pryor
President and Chief Executive Officer