GOSO Participant Impact and Progress 2022

GOSO’s programs this past year have been enthusiastically received by participants and demonstrate their resourcefulness and resilience in the face of post-pandemic challenges. The accomplishments below demonstrate the GOSO team’s expertise and strong commitment to participants with a focus on impact and progress.

Access to Resources – Ensuring the Basics

  • Served 1,100 participants across all GOSO programs
  • Managed participant intake and orientation to ensure comprehensive and participant-centered support services
  • Addressed fundamental needs for housing, healthcare, food, and clothing
  • Educated East Harlem residents through GOSO’s SAVE program’s Health and Wellness community events
  • Relaunched reentry services at Rikers Island in March of 2022, now serving 170 participants per month

Violence Prevention and Interruption – Safer Communities

  • Organized 17 community events, including a health fair, anti-gun violence rally and block party, violence awareness basketball tournament, and more
  • Conducted 235 violence interruptions and 167 mediations
  • The SAVE team expanded to Harlem Hospital, continued working at Horizon Juvenile Center, and responded to requests for interventions at local schools

Education – Continuing Impact and A Year of Firsts

  • Ensured all 1,100 participants received educational support programs
  • Started a Literacy Program for participants who lack basic skills
  • Launched a Summer School Program to bridge the gap for regular school
  • Hosted GOSO’s largest-ever College Fair, with plans for a local College Tour

Employment – Full Force Ahead

  • Recruited new Director of Career Services who rolled out expanded and relevant career readiness initiatives
  • Continued job service skill-building, including updated curriculum with walk-ins and regularly scheduled sessions
  • Increased Partnering employers

Emotional Wellbeing – The Heart of Healing at GOSO

  • Responded to growth in mental health needs, anxiety, depression, and PTSD
  • Offered professionally trained and licensed social workers and other mental health practitioners , to meet increasing therapeutic needs
  • Local, on-the-ground service delivery to support mental health needs in East Harlem
  • The Reentry team provided 1:1 counseling, post-release counseling and support for transition to long-term facilities or the community, anger management and substance use counseling
  • Grew workshops and programs – meditation, public speaking, self-esteem building, emotional regulation, anger management, and more

Participant Highlight
Luis joined GOSO last year, on parole with an open case and facing a gun charge. Despite the uncertainties surrounding his case, Luis enrolled in GOSO’s workshops, met regularly with the employment and housing teams, checked in weekly, and attended therapy as needed. His hard work, commitment, participation at GOSO, made it important to send letters of support and advocate for him in court. Luis fought to get his life back on track, finding employment and securing an apartment. His charges were ultimately dismissed, and he is now thriving. Luis continues to check in to share life updates.

Despite the lingering impact of COVID-19 and other obstacles, GOSO’s participants continue to show resilience and make progress in the face of adversity. You can make a significant difference in individual lives. Click below to make a year-end donation today!