WATCH: GOSO on PIX11 to Discuss the School-to-Prison Pipeline

The School-to-Prison pipeline, according to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, is described as the “funneling of students out of school and into the juvenile correction system.” This pipeline is focused on criminalizing young people for minor offenses, effectively “depriving youth of meaningful opportunities for education, future employment, and participation in our democracy.”

On Monday, December 7th, GOSO was featured in a story on PIX11 as one of the organizations working to reduce the impact of the pipeline.

The School-to-Prison pipeline disproportionately impacts Black and brown students. Here is how:

  • Ninety-two percent of all students who were arrested are Black and Latinx
  • 91.7 percent of all students who received a criminal summons in schools are Black or Latinx
  • Police are 8.3 times more likely to intervene if a student is Black than if a student is white and 4.4 times more likely to intervene if the student is Latinx

70% of all criminal punishments are for non-criminal violations and misdemeanors. At GOSO we believe in ending the School-to-Prison pipeline and standing against pulling students out of schools and into courtrooms for disorderly conduct.

Through continuing to raise awareness around this issue, we can effect the necessary systemic change to keep our young people in their communities and out of the cycle of incarceration.

Watch the full segment below and read the story here.