Why I am a Justice Transformation Voter: Op-ed by GOSO Alum, King T.

King T. is a scholar, a talented performer and a proud GOSO alum. Nine years ago, while he was incarcerated on Rikers Island, King became involved with GOSO and, with the support of our incredible team of social workers and educators, has achieved so much.

With Election Day coming up on November 3, 2020, King had thoughts to share on the urgency of this election and what this means for Justice Transformation. Read his op-ed below:

This election will determine the next several years of our lives. This is why it’s incredibly important for us all to vote. It is essential for us to vote for candidates who want to address systemic injustices and justice reform in our country because history has shown that not too many politicians care about these issues, and even fewer take action.

I am a minority, and therefore, I have personally experienced these systemic injustices. I know about all of the layered conflicts that have tremendous effects on the lives and futures of minorities like myself. Having a candidate that will address these deep-rooted issues will ultimately lead to more opportunities and less misfortune for millions.

When you look at the injustices in our justice system, there is so much we must change. I want to see equality for all. I often witness minorities serving extremely long sentences, incarcerated for the same offenses that their white counterparts get much less time for. That is not equality. I would also like to see a full stop to the continuous police brutality in our communities and against individuals. Law enforcement is constantly getting away with killing our people, and this must end — they must be held accountable.

This also makes me think about the history that we as Black Americans have gone through. We did not always have the right to vote. People like me have put their lives on the line to gain this right, so I think it’s my duty to exercise this right.

Choosing not to vote because of the things you may not believe in, you’re also choosing not to vote for the things you DO believe in. This will not contribute to any change either way, and we need change. I am going to cast my vote proudly, knowing that it makes a difference.

Join me and take our pledge to be a #JusticeTransformationVoter.