Jocelynne Rainey quote: "We haven't stopped pushing forward"


Eight months in and 2020 has proven to be a revealing year. Across New York City and the country, people are banding together in more important ways than ever before. We’re challenging one another — and ourselves — to be active participants in radically changing our country’s inherently racist systems.

GOSO is meeting this movement. Every day, GOSO and our SAVE team work to address the systemic oppression overwhelmingly and disproportionately impacting Black and brown lives. The communities we serve are among those most vulnerable to injustice, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated these inequities and placed the lives of incarcerated individuals at greater risk.

Please know that we’re keeping our foot on the gas and here are a few ways we’re doing this:

  • Using our voice to advocate for our communities. The conditions of NYC prisons and jails have never been humane. Right now, incarcerated individuals, unable to appropriately socially distance, are facing higher rates of COVID-19 infection. GOSO continues to advocate for the safety of our participants on Rikers Island and in other facilities.
  • Providing essential resources. Every week, GOSO staff distributes PPE and works with our participants as well as community members to connect those in need to vital resources to keep them safe and healthy during this time.
  • Staying connected. Virtual programming for GOSO participants hasn’t stopped; we’re still providing community and support, as well as necessary tools, such as technology needed to reach their professional and educational goals.
  • Facilitating important conversations. We’re using our platform to further critical discussions about the systemic issues faced by people of color. GOSO will continue to use our voice and influence to effect change in our legal system and our communities.

The movement for social and racial justice continues forward, and GOSO is a moving with it. You can continue to count on us and we will keep charging ahead until we have justice and equity for all.


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Jocelynne Rainey
GOSO President & CEO