GOSO Guys Share Their Goals for the New Decade

2020 marks not only the start to a new year, but also a new DECADE! Here at GOSO, we’re excited for this fresh start and are looking forward to the opportunities that are going to come our way. GOSO Guys are feeling motivated to charge ahead and achieve some major personal goals over the next ten years, and GOSO will be there to support them along the way.

We asked a few participants what they want to accomplish, and they had some inspiring things to say:


“This decade, I want to live rather than survive. Achieve my goal.” – Richard M.


“This decade, I want a trade!” – Robert G.


“This decade, I will buy my own home.” – T.K.


“This decade, I want to learn how to animate.” – Santino


“This decade, I plan to make moves major.” – Richie C.