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Restaurant News: Giving Marginalized People a Second Chance in the Workforce

Employment leads to stability and independence. GOSOWorks is a key part of our Three E’s formula: Education, Emotional Well-Being and Employment. We are delighted to partner with so many of our city’s incredible restaurants to provide life-changing job experience to GOSO participants. Thank you to Nation’s Restaurant News for highlighting our work.

From the article:

“Tam Smith works with Manhattan-based Getting Out and Staying Out, or GOSO. The organization helps find employment for 16- to 24-year-old men who have been previously incarcerated or otherwise involved with the criminal justice system. Geoffrey Golia, associate executive director of GOSO, said the organization has placed 476 participants in internships and jobs since 2013. Nearly 30% find work at restaurants that work closely with GOSO including Dos Toros Taqueria, Levain Bakery, Littleneck Outpost and Ovenly. Restaurants have been particularly generous about providing opportunities “for those who have been excluded due to their background,” Golia said. GOSO prepares participants for work by having them complete a 20-hour job readiness training program. In some cases, they help workers get their New York food handlers card, which could mean an extra $1 per hour at a restaurant, Golia said. ‘Our participants are really hardworking young men who face real challenges. All we’re trying to do is level the playing field to make sure our participants are successful,’ he said.”

Employment is one of the most immediate challenges in fighting recidivism, as there are often many boundaries to securing and maintaining employment once released. GOSOWorks is one piece of our effort to help our guys minimize and navigate the challenges that arise during the job search, preparing them with skills training workshops and even providing professional attire to wear to interviews and Metrocard fare to make it there on time.

Read the full article at Nation’s Restaurant News here.