#TechGivesBack with RaisedBy.Us and Publicis

On Thursday, October 10th, we teamed up with RaisedBy.Us on their fifth annual, city-wide initiative: Tech Gives Back!

This day brings together the tech community and organizations across New York City with one purpose in mind: giving back to the city that we all call home. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to work with dozens of volunteers from different tech companies, who shared their professional expertise with us. We were also joined by participants and staff from Exodus Transitional Community, which is one of our peer organizations in the community that supports people who have been incarcerated.

Our board member, Ash Prashar hosted the huge volunteer day at his office — the offices of Publicis Groupe in Midtown Manhattan. Huge thank you to Ash and the Men of Color Alliance (MOCA) at Publicis who helped us to organize the activities.

Throughout the day, GOSO and Exodus participants worked with volunteers to build on various professional skills. The groups polished resumes, practiced interview skills, and even had the chance to learn some basic coding to create personal/professional websites! It’s very exciting for GOSO participants, many of whom are interested in tech, to be surrounded by a group of people with such a wealth of knowledge of the tech industry.

At GOSO, we believe in making these events and experiences available to our participants so they can learn about the different career paths that are out there. Initiatives like Tech Gives Back create a setting where strong connections can be made, personal and professional growth can happen, and doors are opened.

Thank you to RaisedBy.Us, Publicis Groupe, our board member Ash, and Exodus Transitional Community for making this all possible! We’re looking forward to next year!

Learning how to code!


GOSO participant, Frank, meets with a group of volunteers who offered advice for his resume.


What an incredible group! Thanks to all of the volunteers!