GOSOTalks: Flexing our Public Speaking Skills

For the second year in a row, we hosted an evening of presentations called GOSOTalks! GOSO participants were asked to create a PowerPoint presentation on a topic of their choice, and then present that PowerPoint to a room full of people.

Public speaking is a skill that most people struggle with — it takes a lot of practice to get comfortable doing it! GOSOTalks provides a safe space where participants can flex their skills, free of judgment and pressure. Our staff and volunteers listened intently to each presentation and were able to ask questions, and offer constructive feedback afterwards!

Topics included: the negative impacts of smoking, pollution and environmental impact, film reviews, boxing, cultural diffusion, and more. Each presentation had a unique perspective on the subject matter, and our participants had a goal in mind when sharing what they had found in their research. For example, GOSO Guy, Jehad J., sought to encourage his listeners to quit smoking by demonstrating the damage the habit can have on one’s mind and body. Steph C. presented on the current state of our planet and how we can all take action to improve our environment. The ultimate goal of any public speaking presentation is to get people to pay attention and listen to what you have to say, which each of our guys succeeded in doing.

We’re proud that this group of guys put in the time and energy to research these topics they cared about, and share their passion with the rest of us. It takes a brave person to get up in front of a crowd, whether its the first time or hundredth time. Great work, GOSO Guys!

Highlights from GOSOTalks below:

Jehad J. presenting on the negative impacts of smoking on the body and mind.


Boxing is a huge passion for Justin P. and he shared who his top five favorite boxers are!


Dashawn A. is a current college student, and had recently learned about “cultural diffusion” and he shared his interesting findings on the subject.


Informative and engaging presentations from a brave and talented bunch!