GOSO guys paint with mentors

GOSO Paints!

Keybo C. paints tupac

Keybo C. paints Tupac

Practicing the arts can be calming, restorative, therapeutic, and fun! All of the above were in the cards last Saturday when 3 GOSO guys and 3 mentors took a trip to paint and feel inspired.

The Guys chose to paint a portrait of Tupac Shakur and they were off! With a helpful suggestion by the instructor to put an emphasis on adding their own twist or “flare” to their composition, which really comes through in the various finished pieces (see images below).

Shaquala Santiago, who leads our GOSOMen mentorship program and led the outing, emphasizes that the goal of GOSO mentoring events as an opportunity to “allow guys to experience things that they usually don’t take part in, and also to develop a form of individualized self-expression.” According to Keybo C. — see his work in progress at left — mission accomplished!


“Saturday’s event was fun. It was something that I have never done before. It was different, diverse, and creative. It was relaxing and helped me to focus. It gets you to explore different creative ideas because everything is not always done the way you think its done. I would do it again”

-Keybo C.


Alex Borden paints Tupac

Alex Borden (Action Board member and mentor to Jonathan C.) gets in on the action!

Jonathan C.

Jonathan C. mixes colors for his masterpiece

Keybo C. and his mentor, Angelo Lanza

Keybo C. and his mentor, Angelo Lanza

painting of tupac

Finished product!

Eric M. Sitting next to GOSO intern, Abby Boynton

Eric M. Sitting next to GOSO intern, Abby Boynton