Mid-term (exam) results are in: A+ for Louis!

Mid-terms can be a stressful time for college students. But with preparation and hard work, GOSO Guys are rising to the challenge! Louis, one of our clients, was proud (and rightly so) to share his “Reading the Biography” mid-term A+ with GOSO staff.

“We’ve read a lot in this class. Right now, we’re reading The Color of Water, but I really connected with Audre Lorde’s Zami, because I saw a lot of myself in her. I felt that I had very similar life experiences in the way we both grew up. This class has made me think a lot about going back to college, and I’m hoping to return in January. I would love to study marketing and learn how to market my own brand and how to start a successful business.”

“Reading the Biography” is a college-level course offered to GOSO clients through College Now and LaGuardia Community College. The twice-weekly course is taught here, at GOSO’s Education Center. The introductory course teaches students critical reading skills through evaluating biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, diaries, and journals. Students in the course develop an awareness of the methods and techniques of biographical and autobiographical writing; they explore biographies and autobiographies as vehicles for the creation and expression of the self.

The class is an opportunity for GOSO clients to gain insight into the college experience, and to consider if it might be the right choice for them. But it’s more than experience alone – students who complete the “Reading the Biography” course will earn three college credits. Some student-clients may choose to use the momentum from this course to continue onward and enroll at LaGuardia Community College; and for those guys, education counselors are ready to help with the application and financial aid paperwork processes.

Bringing higher-education opportunities to our clients, here at our offices, goes directly towards our commitment to Education (one of our Three E’s, the others being Employment and Emotional Well-Being). GOSO believes in the value that a college degree offers, we and support any of our clients who are hoping to continue down the road of academia and self-discovery!