GOSO in Bon Appetit

Bon Appétit: When Restaurants Level the Playing Field, Everybody Wins

A recent article in Bon Appétit offered a valuable look at ways in which some restaurant industry employers are using socially-conscious hiring practices to do empower their communities. One major impact the industry is having is on recidivism — the cycle of justice-involved people who are re-arrested.

Employment is one of the most important immediate challenges in fighting recidivism as there are often many boundaries to being able to get and maintain employment once released. Our employment program GOSOWorks is one piece of our effort to help our guys minimize and navigate the challenges that arise during the job search, preparing them with skills training workshops and even providing professional attire to wear to interviews and Metrocard fare to make it there on time.

Geoffrey Golia, GOSO’s Director of Clinical Services and GOSOWorks, is included in the Bon Appétit article and offers his perspective on why the restaurant industry can be such an important placement for our guys:


“We find that in restaurants with strong team cultures, there is an openness to giving people this critical second chance,” he explains. “They are supportive of young people who want to work hard, learn skills, and contribute to what really can be a satisfying, collaborative effort every single day.”

Job placements in the restaurant industry have helped our guys to obtain greater confidence and a sense of self-discovery, and with the sense of being part of a community and team. Many thanks to all of our wonderful partners int the restaurant industry for helping them to discover new talents and build stable lives: Ovenly, Dos Toros, Ancolie, Superiority Burger, Ample Hills Creamery, Maman, Nick and Sons Bakery, Little Neck Outpost, One Girl Cookies, Samesa, Drive Change, 21 Greenpoint, and Cookie Dō.

Read the full article at Bon Appétit here.