Sharing our Model for Success at Stand Together “Catalyst Summit”

Transformative. Innovative. A catalyst!

That’s GOSO. But those words describe dozens of other community organizations across the country, too. One place where we come together is through Stand Together, an organization providing community, support and training for individuals and organizations like us.

In 2017, Stand Together named GOSO one of its “Catalysts.” In their words, a “promising organization with the potential for scalable impact.” This distinction underscores what we already know to be true: the GOSO model works. Now, with the support of Stand Together and our fellow Catalysts, the GOSO message is being amplified far and wide.

Case in point: GOSO President and CEO Mark Goldsmith and our Associate Executive Director, Sarah Blanco, took the stage at Stand Together’s “Catalyst Summit,” in April. Watch them discuss our Three E’s model and more.

Learn more about the other organizations in our class of Catalyst organizations and watch their presentations here.