Finish this sentence: I vote because …

This Friday, August 3rd, GOSO will host a Voter Registration Drive, in partnership with Just Leadership USA, The Legal Aid Society, The Osborne Association and our own SAVE Cure Violence team.

Voting is one of the most effective ways to make your voice heard. Be sure you’re registered.

WHEN: Friday, August 3rd, from 10AM to 4PM
WHERE: GOSO offices, 75 East 116th Street, at the corner of Madison Avenue

** NEW ** As of April 2018, New Yorkers on parole have the right to vote. Come to the drive, learn more, confirm you’re a registered voter.

Before the drive, we asked GOSO Guys, staff and friends to tell us why exercising their right to vote is so important. Here’s what they had to say!










(left to right)

Fere, GOSO participant: “I vote because I want what’s better for my country.”

Leon, GOSO participant: “I vote because every vote counts.”

Brandon, GOSO participant: “I vote because I believe the candidate is the right person for the job.”










(left to right)

Nataleigh Kohn, Social Work intern: “I vote because real, tangible change happens if we elect the right people — especially at the local level!”

Jonathan, GOSO participant: “I vote because I care about what happens in my country.”

Martin Harris, volunteer tax consultant: “I vote because why would I complain if I don’t vote to make the needed changes?”










(left to right)

Mark Goldsmith, President & CEO of GOSO: “I vote because I want to do my part to ensure that the best person is elected.”

Juan, GOSO participant: “I vote because creating change starts with me.”










(left to right)

Hannah Ahn, Guggenheim Fellow & summer intern: “I vote because not voting is a vote for the wrong person.”

Anna Kalm, Guggenheim Fellow & summer intern: “I vote because having a voice is important.”

Jada, SAVE Cure Violence summer intern, who’s looking forward to the day she turns 18 and can VOTE!