Describe Yourself in Three Emojis …

It’s World Emoji Day! In just three emojis, GOSO Guys and staff capture the spirit of summer (nature walks, anyone?) and share a glimpse into their personal stories. Enjoy!



“I’m really enjoying my time learning landscaping while working for the Horticultural Society of NY, through GOSO. I’m also a proud father of my son, and I’m a Scorpio!”




“The cactus and flower symbolize my love for the outdoors — I am always outside in the summer and I’ll be visiting my best friend in TX. When I’m inside, I love cooking – it’s how I practice self-care!”





“I feel like I’m a strong person with a lot of love and positivity to give.”




“I’m really proud because I just graduated and always ‘keep it 100.’ The question mark is because I’m unpredictable – I never know what’s coming next!”




“The nerdy emoji because I’m working throughout the summer and am a full-time student; I love upbeat music to dance to; I’ve been camping/hiking a lot lately and find it to be a great way for me to practice self-care.”





“I just really like the blue heart, and the smiling cat (I’m a Leo!). The fist is a symbol for empowerment, for me and my community.”




“These emojis describe my everyday attitude when I’m at GOSO! I’m excited to be with our clients and always down to laugh and joke with them.”