POTW: Dashawn Bakes Baguettes

Every week, GOSO acknowledges a Participant of the Week (POTW) for his commitment and achievements.

What does it take to make a great mini-baguette? The crew at Nick + Sons Bakery in Williamsburg (opening soon!), taught Dashawn the tricks of the trade – including the key to carb heaven – and now, every morning at 8:45AM, he arrives and prepares the dough for sandwiches that will fuel the neighborhood through the workday. Dashawn has approached his work at Nick + Sons with laser focus – starting as an intern, he earned a full-time position and is pursuing his NYC certification for Food Protection. He’s committed, arriving at the GOSO Education Center every day to make his own study guides and prepare for test day (just one more of 15-total lessons left to go!). Dashawn has more than earned the honor of Participant of the Week!