GOSO on the Harlem World Danny Tisdale show

Mark Goldsmith Talks Giving Back On “The Danny Tisdale Show”

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GOSO Co-Founder, President, and CEO Mark
L. Goldsmith
 was delighted to join host Danny Tisdale on his podcast, The Danny Tisdale Show. The two spoke about Mr. Goldsmith’s years of working as an executive in the cosmetic industry, how that experience shaped his approach to working with young men at Rikers Island, and the principles on which Getting Out & Staying Out (GOSO) came to be founded. Mr. Goldsmith shared his enthusiasm for the recently-opened new educational hub in Harlem as well. Here’s a quick preview; link to steam the interview is below!

“Mark L. Goldsmith first visited Rikers Island, over 15 years ago, as a volunteer for the ‘Principal for the Day’ program at Horizon Academy, the jail’s high school. As a former executive in the cosmetics industry, Mr. Goldsmith brought to his day on Rikers more than 35 years of experience in the corporate world – techniques for success he continues to apply to his work with guys at Getting Out & Staying Out (GOSO), the mentoring program he founded to guide young men aged 16-24 years-old upon their release from Rikers. Since that time, Goldsmith has developed GOSO into an organization that now helps more than 1,500 young men each year to achieve educational goals and jobs that lead to careers. Mr. Goldsmith has been recognized for his decades of leadership and his stalwart commitment to using his life experience to help young people stay out of the criminal justice system at GOSO with the Encore.org Purpose Prize and a Richard Cornuelle Award for Social Entrepreneurship. In September 2017, Mr. Goldsmith attended the White House’s Summit on Reentry Services, upon direct invitation from the administration. There, GOSO was extolled as a reentry program to be replicated throughout the country.”