By supporting GOSO on #GivingTuesday — Tuesday, November 28th —  you can help sustain our programming and, importantly, directly and positively impact the lives of GOSO clients, like Chevon B. and Saquan R.



Saquan R. is ambitious: he works a full-time job that he loves and he’ll also soon be heading back to school, pursuing a degree in Economics and Finance at Bronx Community College beginning in the Spring. Saquan’s job at Vamoose Bus began six months ago as part of his participation in our GOSOWorks Internship to Employment program. Of his job as a customer service representative, Saquan says: “I love the people that I get to meet at work when I’m helping customers board buses and load bags. This job has helped me to strengthen and improve my social skills. Now, I feel confident and relaxed, and like I can have a conversation with anyone.” This friendliness and a strong work ethic compelled Vamoose to hire Saquan as a full-time employee at the close of his internship.

Saquan’s commitment to his job at Vamoose is apparent from the first step he takes every morning. Door to door, his commute to Vamoose’s midtown location requires two trains and clocks in at almost two hours … one-way. And that’s in addition to the time Saquan takes to just wake up, have breakfast and get himself ready to begin his journey to work (so, four hours in all!). Transportation realities like this are why GOSO provides single-ride, weekly, and monthly Metrocards to GOSO participants. “I’m always up and out the door at least two hours prior to when I need to get to work so there’s no question that I’ll get there on time. I learned that from GOSO! Being provided the Metrocard helps me keep more of the money that I earn and makes it possible for me to actually save some, too. It’s a really useful tool for me to be able to travel around and get things done, with consistency. If you always have a way to travel you can be consistent.” Metrocards are distributed to all GOSO participants so that they can get to and from our offices with confidence. And for clients like Saquan, the weekly and monthly Metrocards also allow them to succeed in the workforce and at school.

Saquan’s dedication to his position at Vamoose Bus is opening doors for others. His employer, impressed with Saquan’s commitment, has invited more GOSO clients to intern and work for their company. “Each one, teach one, that’s what I think,” says Saquan. “We’re a cooperative team, and I like seeing other GOSO guys around at the company as well. The staff at GOSO are so supportive, and it means a lot to me.”