Race as a Construct: King T. invited to participate in new rap video project

But they tell me ‘check one’ on application.

Instead of race, you should judge me as a person.



In less than 10 seconds, GOSO guy and City College student King T. addresses realities of race and initiatives such as #BanTheBox in his wrap for Flocabulary, an organization focused on hip-hop as an educational tool and communications device.

Alongside three other rappers — all from different backgrounds, socially, racially and otherwise — King shares how the construct of race affects him. “All of the featured artists are from different cities,” King shared with us. “We didn’t meet, but we connected online and it was powerful to hear them share similar experiences to my own.”

“I’m happy that my talent for writing and performing can be used to spread a positive message. A lot of people think, wrongly, that rap is negative, and they categorize you in a certain way. I’m glad that, with a project like this one and others I’ve worked on with Flocabulary over the past year, my voice can reach youth who see similarities between their life and mine, and it all makes a positive impact.”

Bravo, King, on this wonderful creative project! Watch the entire video (… but pay special attention when King comes on screen, around the 2:24 mark) below. Then, tweet him your support for this incredible project at @10_4_king.