GOSO Volunteer Stories: Ari Shapell

shaheem and ari-tennis

Ari and Shaheem play tennis

GOSO offers a rich experience for volunteers who hope to make a difference in New York City communities. Twice a month GOSO will publish stories by and about recent volunteers recounting their experiences working with our guys! Ari Shapell with GOSO’s Coaches Club mentor program and summarized his experience for us.

“I have been fortunate to participate in GOSO’s Coaches Club program for the last year and a half. Through Coaches Club, I have been able to meet and learn from an incredible set of young men. GOSO guys are earnest, easygoing, fun to be around, and are constantly searching for ways to better themselves and their families. As a coach, I have had the chance to provide counsel and support to GOSO guys as they navigate their futures. Seeing these guys overcome obstacles and reach new academic, professional, and emotional milestones is an incredibly rewarding experience.

The Coaches Club has also provided me with an opportunity for personal growth. Through the one-on-one and group outings facilitated by the program, I’ve been able to learn from the GOSO guys’ unique perspectives. The guys have a lot to share, and the experiences and lessons they have imparted on me have helped broaden my perspectives on life in NYC. These outings have also been a fun way to explore NYC, through trips to museums, restaurants, landmarks, and other interesting places. I can’t recommend the Coaches Club enough!”

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