Give Goods, Give Time, Give Inspiration

Donations that jingle and fold are critical for organizations like GOSO. But just as important is the donation of goods and services which contribute to our guys’ path to re-entry success! This season — and all year long — we hope you’ll consider a donation of dress socks (for the guy on his way to his first job interview!) or a donation of time at one of our workshops. There are so many ways to give to GOSO. Thank you!


  • Umbrellas
  • New dress socks
  • New dress shoes (including connecting GOSO to a distributor who might make a bulk contribution)
  • Diapers
  • Baby formula
  • Food donations (be it snacks to sustain at our trainings and workshops or supplies for one of our in-office cooking sessions with the Guys!)
  • Tattoo removal





  • Linkage/connections to increase our internships and employment partners, specifically retail, fashion, music and sports, office work
  • Connections to paid internships for younger clients, ages 16-18, who are still in school



  • Positive Points System: Gifts — monetary, experiential, anything — to motivate our guys to achieve
  • Coaches Club: Tickets to museums and other exciting venues and trips, etc.
  • Tickets to sporting events: help our guys decompress from their hard work
  • Tickets to movies: provide bonding trips for our guys and their mentors as well as staff
  • College text books: whether it’s money for us to buy copies or a connection to a seller who might donate in bulk, please help our guys invest in their educaiton
  • Vocational training: Driver’s Ed, CDL, HVAC and trade schools … our guys are serious about their futures, and they’re getting the certifications to match!