Talking Tech with BuzzFeed and Twitter

“It was cool to learn that technology, as the years go by, keeps on expanding.” Louis, GOSO particpant

Peter Elliott (BuzzFeed), Maryam Mujica (Twitter), Norm Merritt (GOSO Board of Directors and Entrepreneur) joined 20 GOSO participants at GOSO on Tuesday for a Technology Symposium. Norm began the event by speaking about the wave of technology; he encouraged the guys to wide the wave so that they can remain relevant in the ever-changing workforce. As Maryam shared how her journey of hard work has led her to Twitter, and Peter spoke about BuzzFeed’s role in sharing many subjects that quickly become “trending,” the GOSO participants were engaged the entire time. Afterwards, they had the opportunity to ask the guests further questions, network, and some GOSO participants went home with some business cards and connections!

“It’s fascinating how far technology has come, and I am happy that GOSO is finding a way to make this generation actually use technology to bring us closer together, rather than father apart.” Brandon, GOSO participant