#BanTheBox with Education from the Inside Out Coalition

On Monday night, one of our Guys, Anthony, and former GOSO staff member Dalia stood together at Education from the Inside Out Coalition‘s #BanTheBox event! The two connected through our initiative GOSO Upstate. Learn more about this invaluable program below!


ABOUT GOGO UPSTATE: GOSO has established a unique partnership with the NYS Department of Correctional Services that enables our staff to provide continued support and mentoring through correspondence with GOSO participants who are sentenced to upstate facilities.

We encourage participants to pursue their high school equivalency diploma, college level correspondence courses or vocational training while incarcerated, and we provide text books and study materials on request.

GOSO steps up contact and reentry planning with participants just prior to their release to better prepare them for their return to the community. Most important, we are able to reassure them that we are aware of the specific problems they will be facing when they return to the community and will be there to help them find solutions from the day they are released.