Consent, Boundaries and Respect: D.C. Advocacy Group Meets with our Guys

“I learned a lot. We talked about consent, boundaries, respect, and stereotypes. It is important to know these things as a young man in New York.”

GOSO Guys hosted Jason Page, the Director of Community Education for Men Can Stop Rape, the Washington D.C.-based organization committed to mobilizing men to use their strength for creating cultures free from violence — especially men’s violence against women. Along with his session co-facilitator Josh, Jason led our Guys through a one-and-a-half hour MOST (Men of Strength) CLUB workshop that opened a critical dialogue, as the above quote is evident.

Jason and Josh’s trip northward from D.C. to share their knowledge with our Guys speaks to their commitment to Men Can Stop Rape’s vision: “to institutionalize primary prevention of men’s violence against women through sustained initiatives that generate positive, measurable outcomes in populations throughout the world.”

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