The Work and Lives of SAVE East Harlem – featured in the Trace

“These are people we grew up with,” said Omar Mims, a violence interrupter at SAVE Harlem. To try to prevent shootings before they happen, SAVE’s violence interrupters mediate conflicts, look for people who might benefit from the services they provide or connect them to, and keep an ear out for conflicts brewing. Minutes earlier, Mims had returned from responding to a fight a few blocks away, where a young man had pulled a gun. The incident had involved Mims’ friend.

“This is our community, and we got to have hands in saving it too,”

Please read this important story from The Trace about what our SAVE team of trained violence interrupters work through every day and how we’re making an impact in our Harlem community. Hear more from our SAVE Director Omar Jackson and share the story!