WATCH: GOSO on ABC7NY to Discuss Children of the Pandemic

“Protect Our Children: Effects of the Pandemic”

On Saturday, May 8th, GOSO was featured in a story on ABC7NY as one of the organizations working to help homeless youth during the pandemic.

GOSO participant Davion was featured in the ABC7’s special, “Protect Our Children: Effects of the Pandemic”.  Hosted by Eyewitness News anchor Shirleen Allicot, the special focused on the continued impact the pandemic has had on youth, including for our own GOSO participant Davion, with advice from professionals on how we can address and improve the mental, emotional and physical health of youth. GOSO’s President and CEO, Dr. Jocelynne Rainey was also featured in the segment, providing first account details and data regarding GOSO’s participants, and how GOSO supports them with resources and programming, like GOSOWorks, GOSOEd, and #MentalHealth wellness counselling.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, the special shares stories of individuals who faced difficult challenges and survived hardships that seemed insurmountable. Some of the featured stories include the following:

  • While COVID-19 ravaged the country, the ongoing opioid crisis increased with some cities reporting more opioid-related deaths than COVID-19. A recovering addict in New Jersey, whose journey with drugs and alcohol started when he was 13, shares his accomplishment of how he obtained his graduate degree and is a caseworker helping others through recovery.
  • The energy of a 20-year-old who has been in multiple group homes since the age of 4 and survived a period of incarceration in Rikers is inspiring; and a tribute to the organizations and social workers who are stepping up to help youth in need. 
  • While the tri-state area has been in lockdown during the pandemic, there’s been an increase of domestic abuse. In addition, child exploitation has dramatically increased with sextortion and child porn. The special shines a light on this issue and provides guidance to survivors on how to reach educators and professionals who can be of help.
  • Confinement at home has led to issues with physical and mental health. A Long Island family shares their intervention experience with their 7-year-old child during the pandemic. Viewers will hear from pediatricians and mental health experts that provide advice to parents on how to help children navigate their health during the pandemic. 

The special featured experts that included clinicians and researchers from GOSO Getting Out & Staying Out, and others- Prevention Links, Union County Star Program, NJ, Child Advocacy Center, The Safe Center LI and the Healthy Weight & Wellness Center at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital. ​​​​​​

We at GOSO, are proud of the achievements our participants, like Davion have made, and we know with your support, we will continue to be of service to Davion and others in need, until the need is no more.

Watch the full segment below.