Learning How to Budget with Goldman Sachs CTW

Earlier this month, GOSO guys and Goldman Sachs CTW volunteers came together to discuss budgeting skills and interview preparation tips! CTW, or Community TeamWorks, is an initiative within Goldman Sachs that allows employees to spend their time and share their expertise with non-profits in the community. We’re thrilled to partner with them each year through CTW!

For our activity this year, participants and Goldman volunteers worked together to create a budget plan and shared tips on how to save money on food, clothes and other necessities, as well as how to keep track of finances. Participants and Goldman volunteers discussed distinguishing between needs and wants, being prepared for unplanned expenses, and saving for future goals. Many of our Guys found this exercise incredibly helpful because it’s directly applicable to their everyday life.

“I’m saving up to get my personal business off the ground. Working with the volunteers on a simple budget is going to help me reach my goal and still have money to spend on fun things that bring me joy.” – GOSO Participant, Alex M.

After we exchanged personal finance tips, participants and volunteers shared tactics for boosting their confidence in preparation for interviews, and exchanged personal stories of interview failures and successes. We learned that everyone has had interviews that were nerve-racking and also others that we were really proud of! It was a memorable day for participants and volunteers alike filled with learning, laughter and conversation!

Thanks to the team from Goldman Sachs CTW for spending the day with us! See our highlights below:


Goldman Sachs CTW volunteers and GOSO Guys!


Half of the group discusses how to feel confident going into an interview.


Goldman volunteer, Suzanne, and GOSO LIT ambassador, Marvin, discuss budgeting.


GOSO Guy, Darrius, working one-on-one with Goldman volunteer, Stephan.


GOSO LIT Ambassador, Kailib, already had a great budgeting system that he uses and he and Goldman volunteer, Juan, discussed minor tweaks he could make to improve his savings.