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GOSO Guys get OSHA Certified!

From left: Jannee Davis (GOSO’s Vocational Services Coordinator), Xavier (GOSO participant), Phil Chodroff (OSHA instructor).

Over the past week a group of GOSO participants have been hard at work in our vocational training room to obtain OSHA’s 30-Hour Certification. The course on construction and general industry teaches health and safety awareness with the aim of reducing the risk of workplace hazards, and is a requirement for jobs in construction and related fields.

GOSO offers a different vocational training opportunity each month. The OSHA 30-Hour training is offered regularly, as are Flagging and Scaffolding, Security, and more. This month’s class had ten participants, but cohorts frequently surpass 30 participants.

“Trainings like OSHA open up a broader spectrum for the types of career opportunities our participants can pursue,” says GOSO’s Vocational Services Coordinator, Jannee Davis. “As long as they put in the work and the consistency, they can walk away with transferable skills and are set on a really solid career path. With the proper training and opportunity, our participants could own their own businesses one day.”

We look to bring in trained experts who have a deep understanding not only of the course material, but also the young men we serve here. Phil Chodroff of New York Safety and Training joined us for this latest session. Of our guys, he said: “The GOSO group has incredible energy, were tremendously engaged, inquisitive, and truly interested in learning in an effort to prepare themselves for the workforce. I can tell that these guys are going to be tremendous assets in their workplaces. If they present the same level of energy in the field as they showed in the classroom, they’ll one day be the supervisors and industry titans we need doing this work.”

Guys leave the training excited to be working towards their career goals, and feel better equipped and more confident as they go out to job interviews. “I’m literally about to go today to apply for this heating and plumbing job that I’ve been wanting! They require me to have my OSHA certification, and I can apply now that I do,” said GOSO participant, Xavier. “I really like hands-on jobs. Previously, I had been working in the food service industry, and it just wasn’t for me anymore. I know that I want to work in the construction field in some way.”

Xavier is also a parent, like many of our participants, and has his family to consider when looking for jobs: “As a father, I want a job that is stable and has flexible hours to fit my schedule. I want to make sure I can be there for my son and also really provide for him.”

We’re proud to present our newest cohort of participants who are OSHA certified and ready to jump into the work! Great job, guys.


June’s OSHA-30 Hour certification grads!