GOSO’s Julia Friedman Honored as “Alumna of the Year”

Julia Friedman, Senior Director of Community Programs

GOSO is excited to share that Julia Friedman, our Senior Director of Community Programs, has been honored as Outstanding Young Alumna of the Year by Head-Royce School, her Oakland, CA, alma mater. In addition to leading GOSO community programs, Julia is also part of our team of licensed social workers who provide crucial mental health resources to the young men in our program.

The therapeutic component of GOSO’s program is especially powerful, says Julia, “because it’s breaking down the ‘why’ of trauma and supporting the guys with whatever they need.” GOSO provides individual and group therapy, along with a weekly yoga and meditation class. “Now, when they can’t sleep at night, they know different breathing techniques.”

Julia is responsible for numerous partnerships with companies in the city and even across the country, opening doors for mentorship and employment. Her introduction to fellow Head-Royce alumni, Leo and Oliver Kremer, lead to one of our most consistent GOSOWorks employment partnerships with Dos Toros Taqueria. Julia’s drive and commitment to her work is a testament to the importance of outreach, and how passion is contagious.

Julia (back row, second from left) visiting a class at her alma mater, Head-Royce School.

When accepting her Outstanding Young Alumna of the Year award, she spoke to an audience of over 300 people — current high school students at Head-Royce, alumni, faculty, community members, and families — proudly presenting GOSO’s methods and success stories. Julia’s experience is a perfect example of how GOSO team members take every opportunity they can to be ambassadors for GOSO and our participants, expanding awareness of our work well beyond our Harlem offices.

We’re proud to congratulate Julia on her achievement!