Bio photo - Paul Plumitallo

Paul Plumitallo, Manager of Measurements and Outcomes

Paul comes to us with a wealth of experience. He formerly worked at the Fortune Society as their Data Manager, responsible for reporting progress to key stakeholders in their Re-entry, Housing and ATI Programs. He also worked at the Center for Court Innovation as a Group Facilitator and Case Manager in a Fatherhood program.

In May 2021, Paul completed his Master’s in Public Administration from Baruch. He also served as the Chair of the Procedural Justice Committee at Midtown Community Court where he researched and implemented ways to better serve court-users.

At GOSO, Paul creates and monitors metrics that indicate GOSO’s efficacy as a community organization. He is excited to work at GOSO because of its comprehensive approach to addressing inequities in our justice system.

One of Paul’s hobbies is he loves to travel to new amusement parks because he is a roller coaster enthusiast!