Omar Jackson, SAVEQ

Omar Jackson, Director of SAVE

Omar Jackson is currently the Director of Stand Against Violence East Harlem (SAVE). SAVE, which is GOSO’s Cure Violence program utilizes the Cure Violence model, empowering high risk youth, ages 16-24, to make positive changes in their communities by working to change their mindset and providing supportive services, as an effort to reduce the rising number of shootings in East Harlem.

Omar oversees and makes decisions for both SAVE sites (Johnson/Jefferson & Wagner Houses). He started out as an Outreach Worker Supervisor in February of 2016. In less than two years, he was promoted to Program Manager. Due to his drive, work ethic and his demonstration of leadership, Omar has become Director of the program.

Omar is a community leader and understands the importance of engaging in community service. He has Harlem’s best interests at heart. Omar has the passion, skill and “boots on the ground” attitude needed to drive change in this community. Omar is committed to making Harlem a better and safer place, with a wealth of resources and opportunity for all residents. As SAVE’s leader, he is dedicated to working tirelessly to change the narrative and create the change that is needed.

In 2017, Omar obtained his bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Psychology. Outside of his work at GOSO/SAVE, Omar volunteers in his spare time as the head basketball coach for the 7th grade team at Children’s Aid Society or “Milbank”, as it’s familiarly known. Milbank has always been a place for grassroots leaders, like Omar, to get involved and make a difference. Omar is Harlem. He stands by the community 100% and lives by the motto, “you are either a part of the problem or the solution.” Omar’s philosophy is “Even if you have been a product of your environment, you have every opportunity to have a seat at the table and to make a better tomorrow for your community.”