Volunteer Opportunities & Conduct

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GOSO’s Volunteer Best Practices

NOTE: Currently, we are only creating volunteer opportunities that are virtual (either phone or video conferencing)! Despite this, you can still be of immense help to GOSO!

Here is a list of current volunteer opportunities:

  • 1:1 resume writing, resume review, career exploration, health coaching, financial literacy, educational tutoring, job interview practice, elevator pitch creation/practice, and media coaching. If you have an expertise or passion in something not listed, please let us know! We are always open to new ideas.
  • Podcast Club: Similar to our book club, we’re also developing a podcast club to meet regularly to discuss podcasts and podcast episodes. Maybe we’ll even develop a podcast of our own!
  • Book Club: We are currently developing a book club to bring GOSO/sSAVE participants, staff, board members, and volunteers together to explore thought-provoking fiction and non-fiction books.
  • Activism Task Force: Are you interested in change-making around social issues that affect our participants and community, like criminal justice reform, police brutality, systemic racism, and/or gun violence? We are developing a participant-led task force to find effective ways to address these issues, and/or organizing a specific “Day of Action” for our community to take part.

GOSO Volunteer Pro Tips

  • Participants will want to follow you on Instagram and other platforms! Linkedin is OK, but the rest we would ask for you to refrain from to keep things professional.
  • Don’t hang with a participant socially, unless its at a planned GOSO event.
  • Please only meet with GOSO participants when there is a structure in place, either created by GOSO or by the program you are running.

Quiz time! Let’s go over some volunteer dos and don’t’s