John D.

John joined GO&SO while in prison. For most of his life, he had had no adult male who helped him make positive steps toward adulthood. However, he made friends with older inmates during incarceration who convinced him to leave drugs, gangs and violence behind after he was released. When he came to the GOSO office, what he needed most was guidance – how to succeed at the next steps in his reentry plan. GOSO’s staff quickly became a resource as he worked to establish a healthier community for himself. He became a regular client at GOSO, learning how to dress for interviews and what to say to prospective employers. He learned what his rights as a previously incarcerated person are. John now enjoys his job installing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment. He is also attending Medgar Evers College, where is studying business. He stops by GOSO frequently to say hello and chat with clients.