SAVE Outreach Worker

Getting out and Staying out (GOSO) is implementing a SAVE Wagner Houses Cure Violence team, a replication of the gun violence prevention model conducted successfully by Cease Fire Chicago. The Wagner SAVE Cure Violence team will work with community-based organizations to implement a “Stop the Shooting” campaign. SAVE Cure Violence is a coordinated strategy to address shootings in Wagner Houses and to mediate gun violence between surrounding housing facilities. Skilled outreach workers are a key ingredient to the success of this initiative.

Position: Outreach Worker

Location: TBD in the surrounding Wagner Houses area

Weekly Hours: (35 hrs/Week)

Reports To: Wagner Program Manager

Annual Salary: Competitive

The SAVE Outreach Worker will:

  1. Help stop shootings by doing all that is required individually and in a team to prevent all shootings in the neighborhood assigned.
  2. Getting to know all the highest risk persons and the people who know them
  3. Working to gain trust in the surrounding community and the highest risk persons through outreach, so that they know the type of work you are doing in the community, will tell you when shootings and other violent activity occurs so that the team can intervene.
  4. Support team in mediating possible acts of retaliation in the community.
  5. Working to understand why a shooting happened and to determine why it is that you and the team were not informed – developing strategies to be better informed the next time
  6. Calling for assistance when situations require it
  7. Working with a caseload of at least 15 clients

Other Duties:

  1. Anticipate and be responsive to Program Manager’s requests and needs Continuously keep Program Manager informed as to what is going on in the community
  2. Identify youth who are gang members and those at-risk for joining gangs and intervene in their lives through case management to aid in solving current problems and preventing future ones
  3. Serve as linkages and support for individuals to enhance their assistance and use of opportunities and programs in the community (e.g., job programs, GED, drug treatment, and mentoring)
  4. Advocate for youth through court testimonies, when necessary
  5. Participate, as necessary, in organizing responses to shootings and increasing visibility when shootings/killings take place (e.g., developing networks with other outreach program workers to coordinate an inclusive and strategic response)
  6. Investigate causes of shootings/killings to assist in mediating situations and prevent retaliation between individuals and groups (e.g., working with the community, outreach programs and local law enforcement to gain information that maybe helpful in preventing additional killings) and provide documentation
  7. Identify and diffuse “hot spots” for shootings and violence (e.g., conducting eyeball surveys with residents and community based organizations to identify areas frequented by potential offenders) and provide documentation
  8. Document shootings and other acts of violence prevented
  9. Respond to shootings in other communities, when necessary
  10. Support team in planning and executing both community and client events
  11. Document detailed client case notes
  12. Complete all other duties assigned by supervisor 

The SAVE­ Cure Violence Outreach Worker must have:

  1. Experience working with at ­risk youth and gang members
  2. No pending criminal cases or prior convictions for sexual assault, child abuse or domestic violence
  3. Excellent communication skills
  4. Experience or training in crisis intervention
  5. Knowledge of Central Harlem Neighborhoods- specifically Wagner Houses
  6. A demonstrated ability to develop useful community relationships

How to Apply

Please send your resume and cover letter to Shaquala Fields by emailing