GOSO Participant Resource Page/

GOSO participants can currently come to the front desk of our 75 East 116th Street location to receive food, MetroCards, and PPE (masks, gloves, etc). GOSO’s social work staff is currently holding virtual sessions with participants by phone and video-conference. We are accepting new participants into our program, and they can start our tracks program and access our other resources virtually. We are providing limited intake services on-site by appointment only.

Due to the closure of our offices, Adolescent Curriculum is currently on hold. We look forward to resuming it once we reopen and school restarts.

GOSO Weekly Schedule

Below are the workshops and groups that happen every week at GOSO. These will always be at the same time. Please get in touch with your Career Manager if you have any questions about this schedule or how to join one of these groups.


2:00pm: Regulate Group (emotional regulation)


10:00am: New Participant Orientation
11:00am: Time Management Workshop
12:00pm: Professional Skills Workshop
1:00pm: Woke Wednesday Yoga


2:00pm: Time’s Up Group



CLICK HERE to complete the online application for our employment program, GOSOWorks.

Activities at GOSO!