James Davis

James Davis, Employment Specialist
Contact: j.davis@gosonyc.org

James is a native of Little Rock, Arkansas, and was raised in Houston, Texas. He was formerly employed with Home Depot as an Operations Supervisor, and he volunteered in workforce development for Becoming One Community for seven years. His experiences in dealing with the reentry community, combined with his work at Home Depot, have contributed to his knowledge of workforce development. He developed the job-readiness curriculum and facilitated job-readiness workshops for justice-involved individuals at Becoming One Community, which serviced the southeastern Texas region. James is an avid supporter of community-oriented programs that involve empowerment of individuals; he has a passion for improving the lives of those recently released from incarceration. His personal mantra is “Be a contribution that empowers others!” James’ hobbies include yoga and meditation; writing poetry; and volunteering with various organizations.