Executive Staff

Dr. Jocelynne Rainey
President & CEO

Abbi Robinson-Hobson
Interim Chief Administrative & Finance Officer

Sonya Shields
Chief Operating Officer

Development and Communications

Emily Barnard
Manager of Communications and Special Events

Emily Fascilla
Director of Development

Jamaal Felix
Development Associate

Andrea Miller
Development Manager

Ronel Puello
Communications Associate

Finance and Operations

Kimberly Arroyo
Accounting Coordinator

Kiana Budd
Front Desk Receptionist

Tula Daniel

Fred Keaton
Government Contracts Coordinator

Emile Keller
Facilities Manager

Peter Koch
Project Manager

AnalĂ­ Pimentel
Human Resources Coordinator

Program Staff

Lauren Bricker, LCSW
Director of Educational and Vocational Programs

Ben Harker
Coordinator of Reentry Services
at Rikers Island

Renita Pagan
Career Manager

Timothy Bustle, LMSW
Career Manager and
Adolescent Reentry Coordinator

Arlene Jackson
Housing and Benefits Coordinator

Nikeshia Reis, LMSW, MA
Career Manager and Coordinator of Adolescent Programming

Jannee Davis, LMSW
Career Manager and
Vocational Services Coordinator

Renshaw James
Participant Success Manager

Alyssa Sargent, LMSW
Coordinator of Measurements and Outcomes

Shaquala Fields, LCSW
Senior Director of Programs

Anna Kalm
Employment Development Associate

Lamont Spence
Director of Workforce Development

Julia Friedman, LCSW
Senior Director of Clinical Services
and Case Management

Chelsea Kraimer, LMSW
Senior Career Manager
and Director of Reentry Services

Brandon Walters, M.Ed
Participant Success Manager

SAVE Cure Violence Team

Omar Jackson

Javon Alexander
Wagner Program Manager

Otima Brown
Social Distancing Diplomat Supervisor

Brandon Chisolm
Violence Interrupter

James “Pat” Grace
Field Supervisor

Jedidiah Jimoh
Violence Interrupter

Nicole Myers
Program Manager
Jefferson and Johnson Sites

LaTonya Ray
Community Coordinator

Keith White
Violence Interrupter