Executive Staff

Vikki Pryor
President and Chief Executive Officer

Michelle Pryce-Screen
Executive Director and Chief Program Officer

Omar Jackson
Chief Advocacy Officer

Adine Schuman
Chief Development Officer

Tula Daniel
Vice President Finance and Controller

Analí Pimentel
Chief People Officer

Development and Communications

Jamaal Felix
Grants Manager

Kelsi Burgess
Development Manager

Finance and Operations

Paul Plumitallo
Manager of Measurements and Outcomes

Fred Keaton
Grants Accountant

Delmar Hazel
Director of Finance

Program Staff

James Davis
Employment Specialist

Jasmine Harden
Senior Director of Educational Services

Shenelle Galarza
Participant Success Manager

Ben Harker
Coordinator of Reentry Services at Rikers Island

Brandon Walters, M.Ed
Program Coordinator

Arlene Jackson
Housing and Benefits Coordinator

Dominique Russell
Coordinator of Reentry Services

Afi M. Turner-Myers
Employment Coach

William Blair
Director of Career Services

Rashida Reed-Gordon
Director of Wellness

Quincy Lassiter
Participant Success Manager

Yenia Vasquez
Director of Clinical Services

SAVE Cure Violence Team

Omar Jackson
Chief Advocacy Officer

Javon Alexander
Wagner Program Manager

Nicole Myers
Director of Programs

James “Pat” Grace
Jefferson/Johnson Program Manager

Omar Mims
Outreach Worker

Brandon Chisolm
Field Manager (Jefferson/Johnson)

Keith White
Violence Interrupter

Simone Williams
Junior Violence Interrupter Supervisor

Shanei Castro
Community Coordinator

Jamar Cooks
Hospital Responder Supervisor

Erick Weaver
Manager of Operations & Programs

Antwan Rosario
Outreach Worker

Damaries Negrons
Hospital Responder

Sean Clark
Violence Interrupter

Hakim Llyod
Violence Interrupter

Alaor Khadir
Outreach Worker

Norma Melendez
Field Manager (Wagner)