Harmony Richman

Harmony Richman, Employment Development Manager

Harmony manages GOSOWorks, GOSO’s employment development program that places ready-to-work participants in employment opportunities throughout New York City. Harmony builds out community business partners who invest in GOSO participants by providing internships in a variety of fields including culinary arts, construction, education, healthcare, technology, social services, and fine arts. Harmony is also GOSO’s liaison to the Reentry Acceleration Program, an association of organizations and business leaders through Columbia University Business http://ambienbuy.net School that works to counteract the impact of the U.S. criminal justice system on employment and entrepreneurship prospects for formerly incarcerated people through fair and equitable hiring advocacy and policy. Additionally, Harmony runs GOSO Arts, a new program that explores a wide range of interdisciplinary fine arts including theatre, musical performance, comedy, and dance. A 2016 graduate of Columbia University, Harmony aims to break cycles of oppression and discrimination that plague disenfranchised and underserved communities.