How This New York Food Truck Is Driving Change

At the Union Square farmers market in New York City, Fredrick Coleman chats with his customers about confit and rillettes. Coleman, 29, works the booth for a farm that raises rare-breed pigs and sells pork to upscale Manhattan restaurants. Coleman is the quintessential foodie. But just two years earlier he had never even eaten a fresh pea.


GOSO is staffed by a dedicated team of licensed social workers. In honor of Social Work Month, we asked our team members to discuss their passions for their profession and reflect on their experiences at GOSO. In the fourth part of this series, Ashley Andreo reflects on the rewarding aspects of social work.

Getting Out and Staying Out Featured on Pix 11!

For the past few weeks, PIX11 has been focused on reform inside Riker’s Island, looking at the violence and corruption plaguing the jail. Caught in the middle are inmates, many of whom want to turn their lives around once they get out. Yet, in so many cases, they simply do not know how and many end up back on a path of crime, back inside Rikers.